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Protect the infrastructure, secure the employees, drastically reduce maintenance costs and guarantee fastest RoI to the client - this is STOMMPY essence in a nutshell.

We manage to do it with a wide range of technically developed and high-efficiency STOMMPY Impact Safety Systems.

Located in Rubiera (RE), the heart of Emilia region, STOMMPY® is the first Italian manufacturer of impact safety systems, playing a leading role worldwide and being a reference point for the entire industry:

  • Food & Beverages;
  • Retail & Distribution;
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare;
  • Automotive;
  • Logistics and Transport.

Since its beginnings in 2000, the story of STOMMPY is based on a continuous evolution of the experience shared with the most qualified and exigent clients on the market.

This has led to an inevitable improvement of our systems performance, making steel or concrete protection solutions obsolete and lot less efficient.

Our passion for innovation has brought us two international patents: one for the first anchorage system that actually protects the floor and the other for the high-performance technical polymer – innovative and ideal for providing the best impact absorption level of an impact safety system.

Expert advice, project design, installation and maintenance - a full ISO 9001-certified process that makes STOMMPY your trusted partner for all types of safety projects, able to guarantee the highest ratio of economic efficiency possible.


Our mission is to offer practical solutions to implement companies' OHSAS requirements (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), preventing, avoiding and limiting injuries to personnel and damages to the infrastructures, the heart of the companies' investments. According to this philosophy, you'll save annual costs on maintenance and insurance.


STOMMPY® promotes safe and healthy workplaces in the World, based on the development and implemention of a Risk Prevention culture: better safe than sorry!

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