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Pedestrian Swing Gate (Two-Way)

This version of the Pedestrian Swing Gate is designed to open in two and opposite directions. This means that if a distracted Pedestrian runs against the Pedestrian Swing Gate, he will not be blocked by the gate and can consequently proceed moving towards his destination.

A special version of this product is available with wheel to help having a longer wing, thus, downloading the weight of the gate not only on the hinge, but on the wheel as well.

The Pedestrian Swing Gate is designed to enable tailored Lengths by cutting it on site.


Material Tecklene®
Hinge System Hydraulic
Tensile Stress 100 Kg (220.5 lbs)
Lenghts (mm/in)L1 from L475 to L780 / from L18.70 to L30.71
L2 from L830 to L1630 / from L32.67 to L64.17
Applicable on Bollards, Handrail Post and Walls
Operating Temperature Range -40°C (-40°F) 50°C (+122°F)
Closure Cycles Guaranteed from 300.000 up to 500.000
Accessories Stickers Pull & Push in different Languages
Safety Compliance EU Directive 89/391/CEE
IT Dlgs.81/08 (unified safety charter)
EN 12899-1

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