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The ethylene base upon which Tecklene® is elaborated makes it physiologically harmless and perfect for applications inside pharmaceutical and food processing facilities. That’s why Tecklene has been certified as a NON-TOXIC material.

The great advantage of Tecklene® is that if it catches fire it produces NON-TOXIC fumes, just like a candle, thanks to its olefin base.

From the news of the worst disasters that have occurred in recent decades, all synthetic paints and in particular PVC, if engulfed in flames, trigger a chemical reaction that generates highly toxic and corrosive fumes such as "Dioxin", that led to so many deaths during fires in the workplace.  Dioxin is capable of killing a man by poisoning in a few minutes, compromising his ability to reach open security areas to escape the fire.

But that is not all. Dioxin can contaminate and poison all food products in a company, causing enormous economic loss and food waste.


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