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Extraordinary Warranty up to 10 years on STOMMPY® products!

Bearer of Made in Italy in the world, STOMMPY® firmly believes in the high quality of its products, offering a warranty extension up to 120 months by adhering to the Preventive Maintenance Program, far exceeding the 12 months imposed by the law. STOMMPY® Warranty is the ideal solution to protect your purchase, it stands for safety and quality because in case of any inconvenience, the repair is entrusted to our specialized staff.


STOMMPY® Warranty up to 10 years on pavement too!

Thanks to the technology applied to its products and to the experience in this sector, STOMMPY® is able to preserve the integrity of the floor even after a violent impact of a vehicle againts the Impact Safety Barriers. The coverage is ensured only if: the flooring complies at least with the C25/30 standard, the installation is carried out in a workmanlike manner by a qualified STOMMPY® Installation Center, and the client adheres to the Preventive Maintenance Program.


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