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Wall Protection: Cladding, Skirting & Sanitizing

Particularly in food, pharmaceutical or catering facilities, protecting, sanitizing and keeping walls in perfect conditions is very challenging due to the various factors that could participate to the damage of a wall. STOMMPY® offers Cladding Panels, Hygienic Skirting and Wall Guards all together as global solution to many problems. The Cladding Panel is economic to buy, easy and fast to install and modular which makes it very cheap to maintain. In case of damage, there is no need to change the entire panel, but only a small module where the damage is verified. The Hygienic Skirting protects the angles where the wall meets the floor keeping them cleanable and undamaged.

  1. Saving on wall maintenance and repair.
  2. Saving on floor damage in case of an impact.
  3. Prevent creating points critical to hygiene inside a food or pharmaceutical facility.
  4. Maintenance becomes cheap, fast and easy.
  5. Possibility to extend Product Warranty up to 10 years.

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