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Column Protection: risk of strong impact


Columns are an indispensable structural element but at the same time an uncomfortable encumbrance in the company spaces. However, given the importance in supporting the whole structure, columns need to be protected adequately from the impacts of moving vehicles. 



Not only doors and walls, but also columns are another vulnerable element inside an industrial plant because they are exposed to the impact of motor vehicles or pushed vehicles.

Forklifts and trolleys have to move freely without running the risk of damaging infrastructures. This is only possible by installing Impact Safety Barriers that prevent any type of impact between the vehicle and the column and that, above all, contain the impact without damaging the surface on which they are installed.

Columns can be protected in many ways. In order to choose the right Impact Safety Barrier, it is necessary to calculate the risk index by verifying what types of vehicles circulate in the area and at what speed. 

To maximize the benefits of the Impact Safety Barriers, the evaluation of the application and the installation must be carried out in a workmanlike manner.

STOMMPY® products are totally non-toxic, repellent to all substances and easily washable. Bollards and guardrails are available in various diameters and heights, while Panels are available in various sizes and colors.






Saving on maintenance costs and door repairs, no damage to the floor even after a strong impact thanks to our FIXA BLOCK SYSTEM anchoring system; our systems meet the most restrictive health and hygiene standards required by the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Last but not least is the reduction of the biomechanical risks to which an operator is subjected during an impact.

Restoring the Impact Safety Barrier is an easy, cheap and fast operation: if it is only bent after an impact, it would be sufficient to replace the threaded rod to restore it. 

Thanks to our PMP guarantee system the Product and Floor Warranty can be extended up to 10 years!


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