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NEWS - 22.6.2021

Growing safely. How safety at work affects companies' business.

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At any level and in many production sectors, small, medium and large companies have considered the “human component” as part of a business strategy, following the idea that the quality of work is a direct function of the quality of life of those who work.


In this regard, one of the factors that contributes to the quality of work is undoubtedly safety in the company and in the workplace, as identified by Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics) for the statistical BES measurements (Italian acronym for Equitable and Sustainable Well-being).
This very important aspect has recently undergone an evolutionary process which aims, in different ways and under different aspects, to take care of people and give them value.
If up to twenty years ago, in fact, safety at work was considered - by entrepreneurs and employees - as a mere legal obligation to comply with, today it has in many cases reached its natural status of ethical value and strategic driver of business management.
Many examples are evidence of this evolution, from the use of Personal Protective Equipment - which is now a consolidated procedure and is applied on a massive scale - to safety procedures and standards and related refresher courses, up to the incentive bonuses that many companies have adopted to reduce accidents and injuries at work and - on the contrary - economic penalties imposed by INPS and damage to the image in the eyes of stakeholders.


Such evolution demonstrates what for many virtuous companies has now become an organizational orientation of primary importance: safety as a fundamental business driver.
Experience after experience, the validity of this approach has been verified by hand through the real benefits of a correct attitude to invest and operate safely: the proven index of greater production efficiency, the tangible positive effects on economic performance and the impact on full quality of work and of corporate life.
According to studies by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, for each euro invested there is an economic return of 2.2 euro and the cost-benefit ratio relating to the improvement of safety and health is positive.
This is confirmed by the fact that companies that decide to invest in safety for the first time generally extend and apply the investments to all their work spaces, to the point of making the prevention of accidents and injuries a principle of organization and design of the environments.


There is a direct connection between the company safety policies at work and the reputation a company may (or may not) enjoy on the markets and among stakeholders.
Beyond the immediate physical and economic damage that an injury or an accident at work causes to workers and companies, in the medium-long term any non-compliance with procedures and safety regulations has a highly negative impact also in terms of image and of value perceived from the outside: a damage to brand reputation, in fact.
This is just as true as the opposite effect. Attention to people, investments in corporate safety, compliance with standards and voluntary overcoming of the regulations dictated by law are in fact factors that contribute to the definition of a precise and rewarding corporate positioning.
Companies that consider corporate safety as a cornerstone can enjoy a competitive advantage in terms of:
  • attraction & retention of new talents, employees and collaborators
  • giving strength and solidity to productive potential
  • creating reassuring and motivating work environments
  • cohesion between stakeholders 
  • improvement of efficiency in business management
  • communicability of a high ethical profile and social responsibility


In this context of virtuous increase in the awareness on safety issues, the STOMMPY team notices that clients are getting more and more interested to the experience that - as a player in the sector - the company can transmit; this makes it easier and more effective to tune in and talk about the solutions to the problems submitted by customers.
A comparison which makes the calculation criteria and the choice of the most suitable Impact Safety Barriers available to the customer; this helps both the customer and the market to learn more about safety and to make every investment more aware, safe and profitable.
Once the Impact Safety Barriers have been installed, STOMMPY's relationship with customers further improves, as the resulting benefits become tangible and measurable, such as: 
  • the drastic reduction of maintenance costs for infrastructures and machinery 
  • the greater sense of safety for operators in areas dedicated to goods handling trolleys
  • greater efficiency in preventing accidents thanks to the high visibility of the Impact Safety Barriers.
In these times, when the feeling of personal safety has been so drastically compromised by the current medical crisis, the commitment of companies for the safety of those who find refuge, opportunities and comfort in work stands out even more. 
Therefore, today more than ever, investing in safety means activating two levels of protection: the first concerns people and their personal safety, the second concerns the business, since the possibility of keeping on growing in the future depends on its safety.


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