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NEWS - 8.2.2019

After Europe, STOMMPY® impact safety modular bollard conquers America

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted the patent for STOMMPY® IMPACT SAFETY MODULAR BOLLARD in the US market

Once, the inventors were eccentric, eclectic, visionary characters; their knowledge ranged from art to science, and often the brainchild of their minds was a combination of both. But, thinking about it, even today's inventors are not so different: they have degrees in engineering and more equipped laboratories, but the genius and the creative spark that animates them is the same.
What has changed over time, instead, is the imagination that revolves around inventions.
It is true that we have grown up thinking of fantastic and complicated machinery and tools, invented to overcome exceptional challenges or go beyond the limits of impossible, it is equally true that today the most brilliant inventions are those that solve common problems in the simplest way possible.
This is the vision that guides STOMMPY® in the creation of all its products and over time it has led the company to receive many important awards.
The last of these concerns one of the symbolic products of STOMMPY®: the Impact Safety Modular Bollard.
On October 4, 2018, The United States Patent and Trademark Office- the administrative body in charge of issuing patents and trademarks registered in the United States of America, has formalized the recognition of the patent for the Impact Safety Modular Bollard for the US market.
The patent for this product had already been granted at European and international levels, as well as deposited in Australia and New Zealand, but obtaining it in the United States is a very important milestone for STOMMPY®.
The recognition of the patent, whose application process began in May 2017, in addition to protecting the company and its customers against potential imitations, establishes that the Impact Safety Bollard, modular in height, is the result of an innovative idea, a unique product, as it can offer performances that are far superior to the standard of competitors and an applicative versatility that until today was not available on the market.
Features that certainly did not go unnoticed to the American market of STOMMPY, where the company’s saw its sales volumes double after the recognition of the patent. 
Observed in detail the peculiar characteristics of the Impact Safety Modular Bollard, it fully respects both the principle of simplification of shapes and functions, and the construction technologies that have made STOMMPY the technological leader of the sector. Moreover, is has made it the only manufacturer in the world with products holding resistance certifications issued by an ACCREDIA certified body. Specifically, we are talking about the floor anchorage system called FIXA BLOCK SYSTEM®, which is also internationally patented and holds the PULL-OUT test resistance world record, and Tecklene®, the technopolymer developed by STOMMPY® which reacts to impacts with an elastoplastic behavior that absorbs and gradually reduces energy.
Not for nothing Tecklene®, the exceptionally resistant, certified non-toxic and suitable for food and pharmaceutical environments, odorless, physiologically harmless and free from toxic gas production in case of fire, is the material used for almost all STOMMPY® products.
Starting from an intuition of the company management, always farsighted and careful to grasp and interpret in advance the needs of a constantly evolving market, the modern inventors from whose minds has then concretely developed the Impact Safety Modular Bollard are the managers of the company departments: Research and Development- Ing. Desiderioscioli, Technical- Ing. Monzani, Production- Mr. Spadoni and Installation- Mr. Voicu.
They are the ones who have made possible the realization and international success of the project.
During an interview, on the occasion of granting the patent, with Marco Chiarini, President of STOMMPY Srl, and Ing. Desiderioscioli, emerges the importance of this goal for the company and the complexity of the path that led to its success:

"When we talk about USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, among the insiders there is always a bit of awe; in fact, the patent practices of some of the most important inventions of our time have passed through this prestigious body. With our Impact Safety Modular Bollard, we certainly did not pretend to go down in history, but we asked for the US patent, proud of the work done and aware of the enormous potential of the use of the product, and the results confirmed our expectations. 
From now on the doors for STOMMPY® in the United States market have opened, which we are sure will give us over time great satisfactions and new interesting ideas to constantly improve our work. "


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