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NEWS - 20.7.2021

STOMMPY is happy to present the Topple Barrier, a fully modular system, both in height and in length, designed to increase safety in storage areas.

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In order to meet the specific needs of many customers, STOMMPY has created an innovative "grid" system designed to increase the level of safety of storage operations, pedestrians and employees in warehouses. 
The lack of static balance of a stored product, caused for example by the incorrect maneuver of an operator or by the sudden deterioration of the packaging, can generate a force of impact that must be contained to avoid a dangerous fall.
To fulfill this need, expressed for the first time in early 2019 by a major Italian chemical company, the STOMMPY Research and Development department immediately started the design process of a new fall protection: the STOMMPY Topple Barrier.

It is a fall arrest system for stacked goods that creates a high safety grid along the perimeter of storage areas. Its modular structure designed to protect people and vehicles is able to absorb the impact of an accidental fall, dissipating the force on its elements with an elastic and controlled reaction. 

For its design, STOMMPY once again proved to be the technological leader in this field, following an original and innovative concept that combines the elasticity of high-strength polymer profiles with the greater rigidity of the inner steel profiles.

The result is a better balance between impact resistance, absorption elasticity and force dissipation on the entire structure; these features make the STOMMPY Topple Barrier safer and more efficient than other solutions on the market.

Only a year after the success of the first prototype, the growing demand for this product defined the start of its industrialization becoming officially part of the STOMMPY catalog with a wide range of modular measures, able to adapt to different heights and to various company spaces. 

Today, in fact, the Topple Barrier is applicable to most production sectors and is a need felt in every company where materials, components and products are stacked on each other on different levels without using specific shelving. 

But if on the one hand we can consider the Topple Barrier as a system open to new application areas and new developments, on the other hand it is good to remember that it needs protection from accidental impacts (caused by moving forklifts) with dedicated Impact Safety Protections, such as STOMMPY Impact Safety Guardrails or Impact Safety Bollards.  

This appropriate design criteria ensures great efficiency, increasing the protection performance and reducing damage due to falling goods, accidents and downtimes for the restoration of storage areas.
According to Marco Chiarini, CEO of STOMMPY, all the credit for the creation of the Topple Barrier goes to “the best possible design project, born from the efficient collaboration with the client, who underlined the need of such product providing the technical data to design it". 
All this data became then the technical specifications of a successful product.


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