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NEWS - 24.5.2021

Warehouse safety: savings, efficiency, innovation. STOMMPY joined the Ungari S.r.l. event

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To celebrate the World Day for Safety at Work, Ungari S.r.l. organized an event at its headquarters entirely dedicated to warehouse safety.

Marco Chiarini, President of STOMMPY, presented the UNI Standard that will revolutionize and regulate the market of Impact Safety Barriers for the industrial sector.


As every year, the World Day for Health and Safety at Work was celebrated on April 28th. For the occasion, Ungari S.r.l., a leading company in intralogistics and in the supply of solutions for the handling of goods, organized a conference at its headquarters in Cormano (Milan) on the importance of security inside warehouses.


The in-person event, which was streamed live on the main social platforms, wanted to draw the attention of the participants to the most innovative safety solutions, with the aim of increasingly reducing the number of accidents in warehouses and in logistics spaces during the handling of goods.


Among the invited companies, STOMMPY contributed to the discussion through the words of the President Marco Chiarini who described to the audience the first UNI Technical Standard which aims to regulate the Impact Safety Barrier Market.


The Standard was issued as a result of an Italian initiative strongly desired and supported by STOMMPY, and was finally accepted and developed by UNI - the Italian National Unification Body - to fill the regulatory gap concerning Impact Safety Barriers in the industrial sector.


If today, in fact, it is still possible to indicate potentially dangerous situations in the workplace only with simple or horizontal signs of little or no use, the standard, to which companies will be free to adhere, will give rise to precise criteria for risk assessment, selection, installation and maintenance of protection devices.

At the same time, this UNI Standard will provide producers like STOMMPY and test laboratories with detailed criteria for the production and classification of Impact Safety Barriers.

Producers, laboratories and users will have a new upgraded responsibility, capable of activating a virtuous circle of collaboration and qualification of relationships between suppliers and customers.


Other issues related to warehouse safety were discussed during the event on April 28th, such as doors and technical closures, the role of the forklift driver in the 4.0 industry and safety culture.

As well as these aspects, Impact Safety Barriers are now part of a general framework of "savings, efficiency and innovation" related to safety at work, becoming a valuable asset for companies.

The President Marco Chiarini himself points that out at the end of his speech: “Our products, properly designed, selected and installed in workplaces, besides protecting people, machinery and structures, become company assets that can already pay for themselves in the short or medium term.”


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