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The extraction test or pull-out test is a non-destructive mechanical investigation that allows to evaluate the quality of the reinforced concrete structures. Specifically, the test consists in evaluating the average compressive strength of the concrete through the insertion and the subsequent extraction of standardized metal expansion anchor bolts; to do that, we used FIXA Block System®, the most resistant patented anchoring system in the world. 

Its strength lies in combining 3 anchoring systems in 1: Chemical Adhesion, Ground Core and Mechanical Expansion.

With a simple but effective patented mechanism, FIXA Block System® offers more than 30 times greater anchoring resistance to the floor compared to traditional anchoring systems (chemical adhesion or mechanical expansion). FIXA Block System® is able to expand the edges of a steel crown against the floor surface, blocking the anchor until the end of stroke and making the Impact Safety Barrier ready for use, even if the cement mortar is not completely dry.


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