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The innovative system of anchoring to the floor, called FIXA Block System®, offers a considerable increase of the resistance values of anchoring to the floor for about 40% more than the previous system, also enabling the installer to proceed to immediate locking of the anchor, without having to wait the drying of the cement mixture in which it is embedded, as was previously required, all to the advantage of the immediate use of the bumpers and reduction of installation time.

FIXA Block System®, with a simple but effective mechanism, is able to expand the teeth of a steel crown against the wall of the floor, blocking the anchor until the end of stroke and making the Impact Safety System ready for use, even if the mixture cement is not completely dry.

The increased resistance of the anchoring system, together with a greater speed of installation, have allowed us to confirm the products STOMMPY ® as the state-of-art of Impact Safety Systems.

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