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Impact Safety Barrier (single) Ø70

A Horizontal Impact Safety System (HISS) designed and certified to stop an impacting vehicle and redistribute the Impact Energy without damaging the floor. Certified safe for food and pharmaceutical environments. Guaranteed up to 10 years neither to break itself nor to break the floor in case of a maximum-limit impact. All accessories necessary for installation including a special high-quality anti-shrinkage concrete is included in the package. It's important to mention that the higher from floor an Impact Safety Barrier is, the more Operating Space is required for a correct application.

Impact Resistance Class Joules
P 5,810
Operating Space (W) Class mm/in
4 210/8,27
Acceleration Severity Index (ASI) Class Value
a 0,31
Material Tecklene®
Anchorage System FIXA Block System®
Ingress Protection IPX9K
Food Safety Compliance USA, UK and Europe
Available Heights (mm/in) 135 - 230 - 275 / 5,31 - 9,06 - 10,83
Available Lenghts (mm/in) 500 - 1000 - 1500 - 2000 / 19,69 - 39,37 - 59,06 -78,74
Applicable on Metal Platforms Yes
Operating Temperature Range -40°C (-40°F) 50°C (+122°F)

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